Reading the Water

Description: Reading the Water is an experimental “home video” and personal-poetic essay that mobilizes the coast of Maine–the sandbox of Vollmer’s youth and his marine biologist and naturalist professor-photographer father’s area of expertise–as a metaphor for exploring the depths and masculine relationships and family ecosystem sustainability across three generations of men. The work also acts as a love letter to Vollmer’s son and father.

Reading the Water: Lectures on Home Video Ecology from the Gulf of ME from Niklas Vollmer on Vimeo.

Director: Niklas Sven Vollmer
Year: 2007
Length: 40 minutes
Country: USA
Contact: Navel Gazing Videos c/o Niklas Sven Vollmer
Georgia State University, Department of Communication
PO Box 4000
Atlanta, GA 30302-4000
Phone: 404-413-5640