Water Micro Movie Festival NL 2017

Ten intriguing short films on the theme of ‘WATER AND POWER’ created by Masters students of from the Department of Urbanism and Landscape Architecture at TU Delft.

The Micro Movie Festival is part of the masterclass and larger cinema event ‘Let’s Talk About Water’ and were screened at Filmhuis Lumen (http://www.urbanism.nl/)
TU Delft Landscape Architecture (http://www.landscapearchitecture.bk.tudelft.nl/)
UNESCO-IHE (https://www.unesco-ihe.org/)
AMS Institute (http://www.ams-institute.org/)
Deltares (https://www.deltares.nl/en/)
WWF Netherlands (http://wwf.panda.org/who_we_are/wwf_offices/netherlands/)
Johnson Family Foundation (http://www.jffnd.org/)

Flatline by Supriya Krishnan

Magnolia by Rahul Dewan

Mysterious Valley by Jie Yang

The Loop by Seul Lee

The voice of revolt by Marina Dondras

Trapped by Sahil Kanekar

Daydream of a cablecar by Leyang Chen

Curious Friendships by Maria Potamiali

Concrete Aggression by Elan Redenkop