Planning a Let’s Talk About Water Event

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Why use documentary films?

  • Documentary films create teachable moments by heightening audience interest in environmental topics
  • They engage the audience emotionally and tell a compelling story
  • They often have some science content with “flashy” or “fun” graphics or animations that can help explain complex concepts
  • They demonstrate the social relevance of science
  • They provide an opportunity to impart critical thinking skills by challenging or examining the claims and assumptions presented in the movie from an objective science view point

Keys to a Successful Event

  • Place and Space [learn more]
  • Films and Themes [learn more]
  • Select a Panel and Moderator [learn more]
  • Build The Buzz [learn more]
  • Have An Effective Host [learn more]
  • Licensing [learn more]

CUAHSICUAHSI currently can help facilitate these events but does not have funding available to support holding them. The typical cost of past LTAW events has been about $10,000. Organizers often work with their university, other universities in their area, student groups, and other sources (foundations, sponsors, etc.) to hold these events.

An October 18, 2011 Eos article describes the general formula we have used for these events. This page provides information on our past events, current activities and information, and options and resources for organizing a Let’s Talk About Water event of your own. CUAHSI has experience holding these events, and can work with you to organize the event. If you are interested in learning more, contact Rick Hooper ( CUAHSI is happy to provide complimentary phone consultation on organizing LTAW events, and can provide some support services on a cost-recovery basis.

Downloadable logos for your event posters and/or websites and other literature

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