Let’s Talk About Water — 2016 CUAHSI Biennial Colloquium
July 24-27, 2016

[Biennial Program]

Rebuild by Design: Scientific and Engineering Challenges for Social Adaptation to Climate Change

Hosted by Linda Lilienfeld, LTAW Director and Richard Hooper, CUAHSI
Panelists: Isaac Stein, Architect, West 8 and Josh Harrison, Senior Advisor, Center for Force Majeure

As a community, we are deeply involved in research into the effects of climate change. This event shifts the focus to changes society needs to make in infrastructure, urban design and in basic economic systems to adapt to a changing climate. Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call for the vulnerability of infrastructure that supports basic services to coastal flooding. That event helps us focus on what aspects of prediction are important and how precise predictions must be to be useful to planners. We have invited two non-scientists to share their work on planning – for both urban and on economic systems – to address us this evening. Isaac Stein is an architect who worked on plans for Miami Beach for his PhD. His work has been featured in Vanity Fair. Josh Harrison is assisting his parents, the artists Newton and Helen Meyer Harrison, on a project that helps citizens visualize a changed world and asks questions of the kind of ecosystem and economic adaptations that are needed in the future. His work focuses in California with projects in the Sacramento Delta, the Sagehen site in the eastern Sierra Nevada and broader questions of sustainability of Western forestry in a changed climate.

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