Apaga y Vamonos (Switch Off)

Directed by Manel Mayol 87 min. Spain, 2006

The Biobio is one of the longest rivers in Chile. It has its source in the Andes and flows into the Pacific ocean. This river is of enormous ecological value as well of great historical and political value because the Biobio was the natural frontier during the Spanish occupation. Endesa is the foremost hydro-electric company in Spain and Latin America. It is one of the main companies responsible for climate change due to its annual emission of millions of tons of C02. The UN Special Rapporteur, Mr. Rodolfo Stavenhagen, stated that there was a human rights violation in the construction of the Ralco hydro-electric power station in the Upper Biobio in the Andres. The ARCIS University in Chile describe the scheme as genocide against the Pehuenche-Mapuche people