World Wildlife Fund and Linda Lilienfeld Present:
International Film Shorts: Let’s Talk About Water

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm ET, 2004A
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Please join the Freshwater team for a brownbag presentation hosted by Karin Krchnak, Director of Freshwater, and Linda Lilienfeld, creator of the Let’s Talk About Water film symposia. This session will showcase a collection of provocative short films from around the world that tackles modern-day freshwater issues.

 We Are All Connected

We Are All Connected

Director: Mato Atom
Producer: World Wildlife Fund
Mexico, 2011, 60 seconds
Mato Atom:

World Water Forum, Istanbul 2009

World Water Forum, Istanbul 2009

International Water and Film Event Competition Winners (
A. Sampler
B. Right Under Our Nose
Director: Roger Emanuel Lourenso
Brazil, 2008, 60 seconds
Prix Goutte d’Or (Spots)
Maggie White:

Carpa Diem[view page]

Carpa Diem

Director: Sergio Cannellla
Executive Producer: Ugo Piazza
Actors: Alessio Gorgone, Iole Ruvolo
Production: AMAP S.p.A.
Italy, 2006, 90 seconds
Sergio Cannella:

Rainwater Harvesting[view page]

Rainwater Harvesting

Directors: Nandita Das and Soumya Sen
Cinematography: Ravi K. Chandra
Centre for Science and Environment (
India, 90 seconds
Sunita Narain:

Aguas Con El Agua[view page]

Aguas Con El Agua

RYP Producciones (
Mexico, 60 seconds
Ruben Silva:

Arrête[view page]


Director: Sylvain Blond (
Julien Gail (
Quentin Ricci (
Production: Supinfocom CCI Valenciennes
France, 4 minutes 15 seconds, 2005
Serge Dentin:

River Rites[view page]

River Rites

Film by Ben Russell
Image / edit / sound by Ben Russell
Steadicam by Chris Fawcett
Music by Mindflayet
Ben Russell: