Let’s Talk About Water

A Special Cinematheque about Water, Communities, and Activism
January 8-14, 2010

Panel Discussions

Water, Community, Action

January 8, 5:00 pm

Geoff Buckley, Geography – Ohio University
Dr. Buckley’s research lies in the nexus of historical geography and environmental history. With an interest in resource conservation and sustainability management of public lands, environmental justice and the evolution of mining landscapes, Dr. Buckley has conducted research on coal mining in Appalachia and has been involved with the Baltimore Ecosystem Sudy.

Kaabe Shaw, Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Natalie Kruse, Voinovich School, Ohio University
Dr. Kruse’s research interests include post-industrial pollution, hydogeochemistry of mine water production, engineering low energy min water remediation systems and alternative energy. Most recently, she has researched mine water remediation in Northern England, geothermal energy explotation in England and Montserrat, interactions between groundwater and and an acive volcano on the island of Montserrat, pollutant transport in the Allemendares River in Cuba and modeling particulate air pollution resulting from open-cast coal mines in India.

Amber Leasure-Earnhardt, Sunday Creek Watershed Group
Leasure-Earnhardt graduated in 2006 from Geneva College with a major in political science and a minor in environmental science. She has worked as an assistant watershed coordinator for the Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership in which she worked to restore a watershed that has been negatively impacted by acid mine drainage from poor mining pratices. She currently serves as the Watershed Coordinator at the Sunday Creek Watershed Group.

Brian Blair, Sunday Creek Watershed Group

From Local to Global: Scaling Up the Water Management Infrastructure

January 14, 5:00 pm

Michele Morrone, Voinovicb Center
Dr. Morrone is the Associate Professor Director in Environmental studies at the Environmental Health Sciences Voinovich School of Leadership & School of Health Sciences Public Affairs at Ohio University.

Dan Imhoff, Ohio EPA
Dan Imhoff is a researcher, author, and independent publisher who has concentrated for nearly 20 years on issues related to farming, the environment, and design. Dan is the president and co-founder of Watershed Media, a non-profit publishing house based in Heraldsburg, California. He is the presiden and a co-founder of of the Wild Farm Alliance, an organization that works to promote agriculture systems that support and accommodate wild nature. For ten years, he has been the co-host of a monthly Farm and Garden radio show on Mendocino County Public Broadcasting with his long-time friend, biodynamic apple farmer Tim Bates.

Bernhard Debatin, Journalism, Ohio University
Bernhard Debatin teaches courses in online journalism, media ethics and theoretical/conceptual topics. Since Summer 2005, he has been serving as the Director of Studies in the Journalism HTC program. Hi s research areas include new media and online journalism, media ethics, international media, mass media theory, theory of the public sphere, sommunication theory, and metaphor theory.

The Program


FLOW: For the Love of Water [view the video]
Salina’s award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century: The World Water Crisis.
dir. Irena Salina, 93 Minutes, 2008, U.S.A.
IT FLOWS THROUGH OUR BACKDOORS Sunday Creek Watershed Group 14 min


SLUDGE [view the video]
Sludge explores the disaster of the Martin County, KY coal sludge pond which broke into the Big Sandy.
dir. Robert Salyer 41 min. U.S.A. Appalshop Films
WATER FIRST [view the video]
Water First follows the story of Charles Banda, a fireman who drilled over 800 wells for impoverished communities in Malawi.
dir. Amy Hart 25 min. U.S.A. Bullfrog films


13 LAKES [view the video]
13 Lakes is about light. About light falling from the sky onto water.
dir. James Benning 135 min. 2004 U.S.A.


STUDY OF A RIVER dir. Peter Hutton 1996-97 13 min. U.S.A.
COLD PIECES dir. Seoungho Cho 11:20 min. 1999
HET VERLOREN LAND dir. Jos de Putter 58 min. 2006 The Netherlands


LIQUID ASSETS [view the video]
Liquid Assets tells the story of essential infrastructure systems; water, wastewater, and stormwater.
dir. Stephanie Ayanian and Mark Cooper 90 min. 2003
WPSU, State College, PA


A STAIN ON THE WATER dir. Pablo Romano 20 min. Argentina, 2007
APAGA Y VAMONOS (SWITCH OFF) [view the video] dir. Manel Mayol 87 min. Spain, 2006


BEFORE THE FLOOD dir. Paul Lindsay 59 min. United Kingdom
VINDEBAD dir. Mariano Agudo and Rol Gultlan 59 min. Spain


CARPA DIEM dir. Sergio Can ella 2 min. , RIVERGLASS: A RIVER BALLET IN FOUR SEASONS dir. Andrej Zdravoc 41 min.
Slovenia 1997, AT THE CENTRE OF THE LAND OF WELLS AND MEN dir. Ingrid Patteta 25 min. France 2008, AGUAS CON ELAGUA dir. Ruben Silva 90 sec., AQUARENA dir. Josef Dabernig and Isabella Hollauf 20 min., RAINWATER HARVESTING Center for Science and Environment, New Delhi, India 90 sec., EAUX D’ARTIFICE dir. Kenneth Anger 13 min. U.S.A.
www.finearts.ohio.edu/artsforohio | www.athenacinema.com