Directed by Robert Salyer, 41 min., U.S.A., Appalshop Films Shortly after midnight on Octoher 11, 2000, a coal sludge pond in Martin County, Kentucky, broke through an underground mine. propelling 306 million gallons of sludge down two tributaries of the Tug Fork River into the Big Sandy. ThP Martin County sludge spill killed all aquatic […] Read more »

Sacred Poison

Description: The documentary shows the devastating toll past uranium mining has had on the Navajo people and discusses the potential risks posed by a renewal of uranium mining. It lays out the complex and conflicting economic, political, environmental and spiritual issues involved. However, this documentary in no way portrays the Navajo as victims of outside […] Read more »

An Injury to One

Description: An Injury to One provides a corrective–and absolutely compelling–glimpse of a particularly volatile moment in early 20th century American labor history: the rise and fall of Butte, Montana. Butte, home of massive copper mining and hence saddled with a legacy of environmental destruction, provides the back drop to this chronicle of the mysterious death […] Read more »