La Tunisie (Tunisia)

Description: A look at the port of Sfax across from Marseille — another world, another time, yet connected by the same body of water. Where did that salt come from? Director: Gaumont Pathé Archives Year: 1925 Length: 18 minutes Country: France Distributor: Read more »

Coeur Fidele (Faithful Heart)

Description: A silent melodrama set in Marseille, but not simply that: A cinematic wonder. “In water, crystals grow, beautiful as Venus, born as she was, full of the most secret graces, symmetries and correspondences. Games of Heavens, thus, worlds fall — from where? Into a light space.” (Jean Epstein) “In it they [the public] found […] Read more »


Description: We see Marseille in the past, between 1915 – 1920 with its port, streets, monuments, people, and beautiful light. Marseille is France, Provence, but also the Mediterranean. The city has inspired many films including: Fievre (Louis Delluc), The Fanny Triology (Marcel Pagnol), Le Rendezvous des Quais (Paul Carpita) and Justin de Marseille (Maurice Touneur) […] Read more »