Louisiana Story

Description: Nominated for an Oscar and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for its musical score, Robert J. Flaherty’s (Nanook of the North, Man of Aran) last masterpiece is a visually stunning, lyrical tribute to a land and its people. A poetic vision of nature and the human spirit fills every frame of this amazing film. Through the eyes of a young Cajun boy living on the bayou, Flaherty tells a story of disruption and change when an oil rig brings industry into this pristine world! The film was funded by Esso (now Exxon) and they rejected the final version. Exquisitely shot by the late Richard Leacock, who also made Primary and Jazz Dance.

Director: Robert J. Flaherty
Year: 1948
Length: 79 minutes
Country: USA
Distributor: Home Vision Entertainment
20525 Nordhoff St.Suite 200
Chatsworth, CA 91311