Coeur Fidele (Faithful Heart)

Description: A silent melodrama set in Marseille, but not simply that: A cinematic wonder. “In water, crystals grow, beautiful as Venus, born as she was, full of the most secret graces, symmetries and correspondences. Games of Heavens, thus, worlds fall — from where? Into a light space.” (Jean Epstein) “In it they [the public] found all of the modern poetry, the port of Marseille, the quays, the boats, the dirty rooms, . . . that world that was one of the great inspiring themes of the literature of that day and which was to add to the films splendor.” (From Cahiers du Cinema, no. 24 June 1953, by Henri Langlois)

Director: Jean Epstein
Year: 1923
Length: 85 minutes
Country: France
Distributor: Pathe Consortium Cinema
2 rue Lamennais
Paris 75008, France
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Fax: +33 1 71 72 33 10